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In the beginning …


In case your wondering why our prices are so much better then everyone else’s … here’s a little background:

I saw one of these bags and I wanted it … I thought how bad ass is a Louis Vuitton that some one tricks out … its like the epitome of luxury to be able to do that and it’s such a rock star statement ..

Now I realize some people don’t get it … and that’s cool … and I also appreciate a gorgeous structured new bag … as a matter of fact I had recently purchased a Louis Vuitton Montaigne … now if we’re keeping it real … I bought it used on tradsey … for $2700 … I think it was like four months old and it retailed for $3600 and just FYI, I have absolutely no problem saving $900 bucks and wearing someone’s sloppy seconds … it looked brand new! Maybe it’s the poor girl in me … but I work hard for my money and I want a value wherever I can get it. And truth be told $2700 is a lot of money on a purse for me! But I have been buying used purses for a little while and after I use them for a couple years I know I can resell them on one of these same sites for probably $1500 to maybe even $2000 so it’s not nearly as bad … and I had bought a couple brand new Louis … and after the first few … I realized (for me at least) that they looked used after a couple months anyways and it’s kind of like buying a new versus used car … I’ll save the money and buy some new sunglasses!

But I digress … so when I saw one of these rockstar bags … I decided I had to have one … but then I realized there was a $3600 price tag that went with it … which is like retail on a brand new super expensive bag … and I also realized that I’m shopping online and not a boutique in Malibu … so that just didn’t work for me … so I did what any normal girl does … decide to DIY one for herself. Kind of like when you see a dream kitchen and can’t afford the $40,000 antique white cabinets with a coffee glaze … what do you do? You get on Pinterest and you figure out how to paint your oak cabinets! I also want to throw out there I’m a designer by trade … but interiors … so I have self proclaimed good taste … and to be perfectly honest the other bags on the market were either too western or too weird … and I thought I could make one more to my liking … AND save like $3000!

So in my usual fashion … I bought myself a used bag … and went to work. I got some leather online … a hole punch … watched some you tube videos … and I made one!

It was the ugliest bag you’d ever seen (side note: the girl who bought it loves it and I offered to make her a new one after I got good at it because I felt guilty … and she declined … I’m thinking she didn’t believe me and thought I was nuts or she actually liked it). So in order to recoup some of the money and try again … because I’m not a quitter … I thought I would list it on poshmark … and to my surprise the damn thing sold in like 30 seconds.

So round 2 came out a lot better the the first one and I wore it to the vacation I had wanted it for … and honestly gotten a ton of compliments which sparked my curiosity and I started researching it a bit … and thought just for fun … try to list my 2nd bag for sale … it was much better (still not great) this time … on Poshmark and see what would happen … sure enough … it sold in under a minute. Enough said.

So I decided a great way to supplement my income AND help with my shopping addiction in a healthy way … would be to start making and selling these bad boys in my free time. So I was making a few a week .. and then it sort of snowballed from there … and all of a sudden I had to have help making them … then I sort of started playing on Instagram and trying to figure that out … becasue everyone kept telling me I needed to do it to advertise … which was so hard for me … I never have even done Facebook … I had my 12 year old niece trying to walk me thru it and I still remember asking what the hell do hashtags do … and after like 2 months realizing you could reply to peoples comments and that you get mail on the damn thing … mind blown … THEN I found out I got a booth at the NFR in Las Vegas at the convention center … which is a big deal … I actually didn’t realize what a big deal it was until after the show … but we sold out … and I think all of the above in conjunction helped … and then here we are … Still trying to grow …

Our bags … are exponentially nicer then when I started making them at my dining room table a year ago. I think they are just as nice as anything out there in the marketplace and I also like my style better and I damn well know they are the best value out there.

Our bags will continue to get nicer … and our style is evolving and staying on trend … but one thing that will stay the same is our commitment to you … our customers … who sign our paychecks … I know even though we’re a lot cheaper … it’s still a lot of money to spend and I promise that we will always be here to work thru anything that comes up … someone undoubtedly will have a strap brake or whatever and you can send it back and we will fix it with a smile … we know something like that will seem daunting for you, but for us it will take five minutes and it’s not a big deal and mostly because we appreciate your business, we know it’s the right thing to do, we want you to send your friends and family our way and be our customer for life and help grow our company the old fashion way … Word of mouth.

So .. NO … I didn’t come up with it. I improved it though … I made them affordable for the customer … I set the new standard for what should be expected for customer service … And my shits prettier.

Michelle Brazell